Wild Roots Feral Futures 2018 site location & directions!

Lone Cone

Lone Cone

Greetings Feraliens! The time has come!

For our 10th Anniversary, Wild Roots Feral Futures will be taking place at the Lone Cone State Wildlife Area (due to the San Juan National Forest being closed for the first time ever).

((UPDATES! BLM, San Juan National Forest to reopen lands Thursday; Smoke-filled skies give way to bluebird days, but 416 Fire still breathes.))


South route:

From Durango, drive West on US Hwy 160 to Mancos.  Turn Right/North on CO 184 at the only stoplight in Mancos. Take CO 184 until it intersects with CO 145. Turn Right and take CO 145 into Dolores.

From Cortez, take CO 145 into Dolores.

From Dolores, turn Left at N. 11th St. (at the Basecamp gas station, your last chance to fill up!) and follow it up the hill. You are now on the Dolores-Norwood Road, County Road 31 (also FR 526). After turning at 11th St. onto CR 31/FR 526, follow the main road approximately 35 miles until you see the sign for the Jim Olterman Lone Cone State Wildlife Area on your Right. Look for flagging tape on the sign. (There is another entrance a few miles earlier that is a rougher road and is not flagged, but also a lot less easy to notice. If the gate is a couple dozen feet from the main road at most, that’s the correct entrance. If it’s 50ft or more from the road, it’s the incorrect entrance. But again, look for the flagging tape!)

North route:

From Norwood, go 1.5 miles East on HWY 145 to County Road 44ZS/FR 610, then go 24 miles South until you see the Jim Olderman Lone Cone State Wildlife Area sign on your Left.

The gate is closed, but not locked. Please close the gate behind you. We’ll string flagging tape up visible on the gate and/or sign, so you know you’ve found the right place. Follow the road until it ends, maybe 1 mile.

While there are gas stations and a small market in Dolores, if you need to shop, your best bets are Durango or Cortez, which both have larger grocery stores. As always, come prepared for inclement weather (heat, sun, cold, rain, etc.), and bring as much food and water as you can.

A note on accessibility: This year’s base camp will be the most accessible ever! If the hike to camp has ever limited your ability to participate in past years, now’s the time to come on out! Base camp and the kitchen will be at or very near the parking, as will the majority of other infrastructure. While there’s plenty of space for folks to spread out deeper into the woods, we’re asking folks to centralize activities and workshops near the main camp, to maximize accessibility for all.

A note on fire danger: FIRE DANGER IS EXTREMELY HIGH! We cannot stress this enough. The 416 Fire continues to rage near Durango, and the Burro Fire is burning at Bear Creek, the site of our 2015 event. There is a State 2 fire restriction, so as of now, we’re under a strict fire ban. We are asking participants to abide by the fire ban. We will be cooking with propane. Bring stoves and fuel if you can! Stay up to date on the current fire situation at FireWise Southwest Colorado.

A note in local culture: Southwest Colorado is rural, overwhelmingly white, and typically conservative. Take precautions accordingly.

A note on cultural sensitivity: We are guests on stolen, occupied indigenous land. We have made active efforts to create relationships with indigenous people in our greater area, and have invited Elders and resisters to join us. Please review our text on decolonization and attached resources. Elders will be joining us at some point, some of whom will be coming from Black Mesa, in so-called Arizona. These resources can also help you know what to expect (particularly the sections “Basic Tips For Respecting Traditions” and “Taboos” sections).

Also please be sure to review our anti-oppression and sober space/substance use policies.

We still have many gear & supply needs, and hope to provide travel stipends to low income and front line community members traveling to share with us, so please share and contribute to our online fundraiser. You can also donate via Paypal or Cash App. And as always, bring whatever you can to camp!

And don’t forget, we have a discussion forum & ride share board, and if you have any questions, email us at feralfutures [at] riseup [dot] net

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